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  1. The meet will be conducted according to the rules of Amateur Athletic Federation of India with modification if necessary.
  2. The championship will be decided separately for boys & girls in all the categories.
  3. On the spot entry/change will not be permitted.
  4. All the competitors should take part in the March Past with their respective flags and one extra flag should be kept for hoisting.  Trophies for March Past will be awarded to the best 3 positions.  However, the points will not be added with the total point.
  5. Competitors should report at the respective reporting booth at the first call itself.
  6. Prize winners should report at the victory stand when they are called.
  7. Team managers are fully responsible for the safe custody of their belongings and good conduct of their athletes.
  8. The officials accompanying the team shall have a valid identity card issued by their school principal.
  9. Incomplete Eligibility Proforma/Entry forms in any respect are liable for disqualification of the Team/Player.
  10. Separate entry forms must be used for each category (Boys & Girls)
  11. Last date to submit the entry form is 23rd November 2019.
  12. Fees once paid will not be refunded.
  13. The appeal committee shall have the right to accept or reject the appeal after considering it.  The decision of the appeal committee shall be final and binding.
  14. The appeal fee (Rs.1000) shall not be refunded, if the complaint is rejected by the appeal committee.
  15. Only 2 participants are allowed to participate in one event from a school.
  16. There should be a minimum number of 4 participants for each event or the particular event stands cancelled.
  17. An athlete can participate in a maximum of 3 events excluding relay race.
  18. Appeals on cogent grounds shall be entertained, if submitted by the participant within 1 hour from the announcement of result with a fee of Rs.1000 to the appeal committee.  Appeal, should be filed by the Principal of the concerned school or team manager, which should be counter signed by the concerned Sahodaya head.

  1. Well trained March past of the participants of each school is compulsory.
  2. No school is allowed to change the name of the students or item after the registration.
  3. For running items, heats and semi finals will be conducted if needed.
  4. For throws and jumps items, qualifying marks will be set, and only 3 attempts are permitted.
  5. The LNCP Campus Trivandrum has synthetic track.  There for participants are advised to wear running shoes / spikes if necessary.
  6. Competitions will commence at 8 am therefore Participants should report before time.

Prizes & Trophies

  1. Prizes will be awarded to the first 3 places for every event.
  2. Individual Champions prizes will be awarded to the athletes, who secure the highest point in each category separately for Boys and Girls.
  3. Ever Rolling Trophy will be awarded to the Winner and Runner Up in each category, separately for Boys & Girls.
  4.  Overall Championship Trophy (Ever Rolling) for Winner  and  Runner Up will be awarded separately for boys and girls taking the aggregate points as follows:
  5. Secondary Section- (categories I, II and III.)
  6. Senior Secondary Section – (Category IV)
  7. Winners of Ever Rolling Trophies will acknowledge receipt of the trophies by signing in the Trophy Register.
  8. Ever Rolling Trophies should be returned to the Association through Bright Central School, Kaniyapuram, Trivandrum by 23rd November 2019.  If the Trophies are being returned on 30th November morning at the LNCP ground, it would be appreciated if the Trophies are polished.

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